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Why should I book a slumber party?

Slumber parties are a great way to safely celebrate life's milestones while navigating our new normal. They are celebrated within spaces you are familiar with.   The planning, set up and clean up is all done for you. Just sit back enjoy! C.H.C  Slumber Parties are uniquely created from  your dreams. Your guests will be wowed by an experience of a lifetime. 

Do we keep the tents?

The tents are delivered to the party location at the pre scheduled time on the day of the party. The rental period is for 24 hours, additional time can be purchased if needed. Set up generally takes about 2-3 hours. The tents/set ups will be picked up the next day at the pre-scheduled time. 

How  is the equipment cleaned? 

All of our  equipment is  thoroughly inspected, cleaned and sanitizer with a disinfectant after each use. 

How soon do I need to book my party? 

As soon as you have your party date, complete the booking form and get confirmation of your date. Submit your retainer fee. Our dates  fill up quickly and they will NOT be held without your paid retainer fee. We require a rush fee for any parties booked within 2 weeks of the due date and will also require full payment at time of booking. Time is required to create the add-ons and personalize items which make the party sparkle, if less than 2 weeks we may not be able to do any personalization and themes maybe limited.​

 Add Ons Click Here

What type of payments are accepted? 

We accept credit card payments only through the proposal that we email customers after they fill out our Booking Form. We only accept bank transfers for parties that are booked with a business or non-profit organization at least 1 month before the event, to ensure that the payment has been processed. If you have any further questions on our payment process, please contact a sleepover party specialist.  (Venmo, see other types) 

Does setup & delivery require extra fees? 

Setup and breakdown are included in the price. * Mileage fees may apply.

 If the party setup is up or down stairs there is a fee of $25 per flight. We set up 3 to 4 hours before the slumber party starts. We will need at least 2 hours to set up, a set up time will be discussed prior to party date. We do ask that children/ adults are not in the way while we set up. This will help us stick to our set up time and make sure no one gets hurt. The next day we will pick up all rented slumber party items.

What is the time frame for the rental of the Teepees? 

All tents are delivered the day of the party. There is a 24 hour rental period. Additional hours can be added for an  additional fee. We like to arrive 2-3 hours before your event. A scheduled time will be discussed for delivery, break down and pick up the next day. 

Are your Tent's for sale? Can they be used outdoors?

Our Tent's are only for hire at this time. All of our equipment is for indoor use only. (Accept the outdoor events)

What if I need less than 5 Teepees?

We do offer  packages for fewer than 5. Please see our themes and packages tab.  Give us a call and we will see if we can accommodate your request. 

What if I need more than 5 Tents? 

If you need more than 5 tents, an additional fee per extra tent will be charged. Contact a slumber party specialist for a slumber party count greater than 10 tents.

  Are any additional fee's applied due to mileage? 

Additional mileage fees will occur to any area outside of our 25 mile radius of our starting point. This will be calculated at the time of booking before payment is made.  

What areas do you service?

We service Hartford County & Surrounding Areas. We also service some parts of Massachusetts.

What if the items are damaged?

We expect wear and tear on our sleepover items but things such as broken tents, missing items, ripped fabric, ripped mattresses, stains etc. Our clients will be subject to a replacement cost  of any items lost, or damaged. Please notify your party guests of the following: ALL food, drink, gum, candy, slime, makeup, nail polish, paint, anything that stains, should be kept away from all rental items. Please no jumping, running, pulling or swinging on the equipment. Please do not move items (unless its the bed trays (stacked neatly against the wall or other safe area).  Please do not sleep on the décor pillows (for hygiene reasons). You may place the décor pillows in the bag we leave behind to store them in.  We suggest having each guest bring a sleeping pillow for bedtime or we can provide them for an additional fee. No smoking around the slumber party items. We will not set up if the room smells of smoke. (Smoke penetrates the party items and require additional cleaning fees).  And please keep pets away from items as well (Additional cleaning fees will apply). Doing these things will help ensure all guest are safe and all items are free of damage.

What is the dimension  of the tents?

The dimensions of each tent are approximately 72 inches long x 48 inches wide x 48-84 inches high. (Approximate size of a twin bed setup).

We are able to arrange the tents in many different ways to make them fit.  We require that furniture is removed and the room is cleared prior to our arrival. (We do not move furniture). Please be reminded that if you are having the tents face towards each other, there needs to be enough room to walk in the middle of the tents for guests to access their tent space (at least 1-2 feet). We will try our best to move tents around to fit your cleared space however if all rental tents do not fit we will fit what we can and there will be no refund on unused tents. 

How do I book a slumber party?

Please complete a Booking Form located below. We will respond to your request with email or phone call. In order to reserve the date needed, a non refundable retainer fee of 50%is required. (Should a cancellation is needed, the date can be rescheduled). This will hold your date, as dates go fast and the planning will begin. Note your balance is due 2 weeks before your reserved event date. All events should be booked a minimum of 2 weeks in advance to avoid a rush fee of $50.

How does it all work?

We set up 3 to 4 hours before the slumber party starts. We will need at least 2 hours to set up your party. A set up time will be discussed prior to party date. We do ask that children, pets, and adults are not in the way while we set up. This will help us stick to our set up schedule and ensure no one gets hurt. The next day we will pick up all rented slumber party items at the pre-scheduled time. 

Any age limits?

Our tent rental packages are for ages 5 & up. We have themes for girls, boys, tweens and adults.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a party?

Please notify C.H.C Slumber Party and More of the intent to cancel at least 7 days by email before the reserved party is scheduled to happen. No refund will be given on canceled parties. We will reschedule the party for the next available date. If edible items had been reserved, there will be no refunds.  You will be given 30 days to reschedule your party date for within one year.

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